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Residence Permit in Turkey

Everything about Residence Permit in Turkey

buying property in Turkey is definitely an investment you wont regret

Among many benefits, the right to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit is surely one of incentive you can experience in among other benefits aswell

It is common to understand the whys, whos and whats of Residency eligibility in Turkey and makes any wonder what is needed to enjoy living in Turkey stress-free 

Being eligible for Residency Permit in Turkey is a very simple process

Eligibility to Purchase Property in Turkey

Although it may seem like a basic necessity, eligibility for purchasing property in Turkey is a must have before making the commitment to invest here for living

Although most foreigners are welcomed by Turkish hospitality, there are some countries with political tension whose citizens aren’t eligible for entry into Turkey or purchase of Turkish property These countries include North Koreo, Yemen and Syria

Finding a Suitable Property in Turkey

Finding a suitable property in Turkey is a simple process, with minimal Government restrictions, most foreigners can purchase any property in Turkey , with any price in any location within Turkey free from any restrain

 Registering the Title Deed (Tapu) in Turkey 

Once you have found a suitable property in Turkey, the next crucial step is getting the registration of your title deed done at the local TAPU office. This title deed is the only document that proves your ownership of the property

Applying for Turkey Residence Permit

Once you have completed the Turkish Title Deed registration, you can now use the documents to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit which often takes between a week to 2 months to complete and receive your Turkish ‘Kimlik’ or residency card. This card is produced by the Directorate General of Migration Management in Ankara

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Definition of Residency Permit in Turkey

A Turkish Residency Permit is a permission by Turkey’s Government Authority giving you permission to live in Turkey for a prescribed time entitling you to the same rights and legal privileges given to the locals. A Turkish Residency Permit also provides you with indemnity ensuring that you will be safe and stable living in Turkey during your Residency

Is there a minimum property purchase price needed to fulfill the requirement of a Residency Permit

In answer to that question; No. There is no restriction on property value that is relevant to the criteria of being eligible for a Turkish Residency Permit. As long as you have your name on a TAPU and from a politically accepted country, you are eligible for a long term Turkish Residency Permit

Purchasing Eligibility with Non-Citizenship or Travel Document Countries

Although there are legal and political restrictions on entrants coming from some countries that issue Travel Documents as appose to passports, If the country is recognized as eligible for visas, usually Government considerations are made and visitors with Travel documents will be eligible to purchase property in Turkey and apply for Turkish Residency Permits

Residency Permits for Family Members after Property Purchase

In some cases, the question is posed on whether after purchasing property, Turkish Residency Permits offers eligibility for family members of the TAPU registrant. The answer to that question is Yes. If you purchase property in Turkey and have your name on a Title Deed, after applying for your own residency permit, you can also apply for residency permits for your family as well. In most cases, your family members won’t need to be on the TAPU to be eligible for Residency application on the basis that you have singular property ownership, however, it makes the process easier if TAPU is registered in both parent names.

Residency Permit Application for Extended Family Members

Its been asked before if upon applying for a Residency Permit upon property purchase if whether Residency Application is eligible for parents of the property owner. In answer to that question; no, Unfortunately the eligibility for Residency Application Criteria is only subject to the parents and children i.e. Father, mother, children.

?What Documents are Required for Residency Permit Application

Simply, your original passport, a copy of your TAPU, a passport size photo and a Bank Statement

For Family Applications

Original Marriage Certificate, an original birth certificate for all applicants, translations of all documents for application translated at the Noter and a Bank Statement from a local Turkish authorized bank.

Rendevous or Residency Application Meeting

In any city in Turkey if you are applying for a Turkish Residency Permit, you are required to attend a meeting with the local immigration office. This is a legality and it is to ensure that you are met, known and familiarized with prior to being given a Turkish Residency. Turkish Residencies are often applied for within the time limit of visas given to you at the airport or prior to arrival into the country.

Turkish Citizenship after Residency Permit Application

You are eligible to apply for a Turkish Citizenship after 5 years of being a resident in Turkey.

Benefits of a Turkish Residency Permit

Free uninterrupted stay in the country

Eligibility for Turkish Citizenship

Entitlement to Open a Business

Right to Purchase a Car

Right to attend School and University

No Visa requirement when entering the country

 ?Can I use a Mortgage to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit

YES, if you can provide the Immigration Office with proof of property purchase via mortgage, than you can use those documents for your eligibility to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit.