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turkish passport

Turkish Passport and Citizenship

Turkish Passport Value and Validity

Applying for a Turkish Citizenship is an easy process but has some restrictions and pre-requisites that will need to be taken into considering before starting the application process

turkish passport

Getting Turkish Citizenship Has Become Easier for Investors

 Within “Regulations about Changing the Regulations Related to The Application of Turkish Citizenship Law” that is published in the government gazette on 19.09.2018, the minimum real estate price that foreigners had to pay for buying a property in Turkey for getting a Turkish passport has been reduced to $250 thousand from $1 million

Requirements for Turkish Citizenship Application

 4 passport-size photos
 Birth certificate
 Residence permit
 Medical certificate proving you are in good health and physical health
– If applicable, documents proving your relationships with your spouse and children (marriage license, birth certificate for children’s
– Confirmation of regular income e.g. work permit, pension, rental income
– Document showing how long you have lived in Turkey, as well as all exits and entries into Turkey
– If applicable, Turkish ID copy and address of relatives in Turkey

The new presumed capital asset amount required for immediate citizenship has been changed from 1 million USD to 250,000 USD.

This requirement means that if you are to apply for Turkish Citizenship based on an asset purchased, than the property value must be at least worth 250,000 USD in Turkey’s current real estate market

The good news is that Turkey accepts the notion of dual citizenship – that is, a citizen of more than one country at the same time. Dual citizenship is possible in Turkey, because there is no international law regarding the non-receipt of foreign nationality for Turkey. Each country has its own laws about nationality and nationality is attributed to individuals on the basis of internal politics. Individuals may choose to dual citizenship by their choice or automatically according to different laws

Automatic acquisition or preservation of foreign nationality does not affect Turkish citizenship. Under Turkish law, there are no conditions for citizens born of two nationalities to force them to choose one of two nationalities at the time of reaching the legal age. The Turkish government has recognized the existence of two citizenship, allowing Turkish citizens to acquire another citizenship if they wish, and citizens should inform Turkish authorities to another country’s citizenship.


With a Turkish passport , you can travel to up to 107 countries without a visa

These countries include the following

Albania – 90 days

Antigua and Barbuda – 30 days to 6 months

Argentina 90 days

Bahamas – 8 months

Barbados 6 months

The country of Russia White (Belarus) _30 days

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6 months

Botswana – 90 days

Brazil_ 90 days

British Virgin Islands_ 1 month

Chile 90 days

Colombia – 180 days

Cook Islands 31 days

Costa Rica is 30 days and up to 90 days renewable.

Dominica 6 months

Ecuador 90 days

El Salvador 90 days

Fiji _ up to 4 months

Georgia_ a year

Guatt Malala 90 days

Haiti _ 3 months

Honduras up to 90 days

Hong Kong – 90 days

Indonesia 30 days

Iran_ 14 to 90 days

Iraq 15 days

Jamika 3 months

Japan up to 90 days

Jordan – up to three months

Kazakhstan _ 14 to 90 days

Kosovo 90 days

Kyrgyzstan – 30 days

Libya one to three months

Macau – 30 days

Macedonia _ 90 days

Malaysia _ 90 days

Maldives – 30 days with the possibility of extension

Micronesia – 30 days

MOLDOVA 90 days

Mongolia – 30 days

Montenegro _ 90 days

Morocco – 90 days

Nepal _ 150 days

Niuey _ 30 days

Panama _ 180 days

Paraguay – 90 days

Peru _ Up to 183 days

Philippine_ 30 days

Russia 30 days

Saint Kitts and Nevis – 30 days

St. Lucia_ 30 days

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines _ One to six months

Samoa – 60 days

Senegal 90 days

Serbian_90 days

Thirty three months

Singapore 30 days

South Africa_ 30 days

South Korea _ 90 days

Swaziland – 30 days

Trinidad and Tobago – 30 to 90 days

Tunisia _ 90 days

Ukraine _ up to 90 days

Uruguay 90 days

Vanatoa 30 days

Venezuela – 90 days

Durations of stay for Turkish Citizens vary from country to country with visas granted at entry point