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Historical places of Alanya

Alanya with many historical places and very interesting places that you never see like this befor. Alanya With a history story back to the Ottoman Empire, there are many historical places in Alanya that you don’t want to miss.

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Red Tower in Alanya

1) Red Tower in Alanya

Built in th 1200, the Red Tower is located near the harbor and served as a defense against approaching attacks from the sea, and also became one of the recognizable symbols of the harbor of Alanya. Currently used as an exhibition hall, the site serves as a monument to the harbor, which is stored in Alanya Belidiye.

2) Alanya Kale (Alanya Castle)

Built in the 1200, Aladdin Keykubat made Alanya the foundation of beauty, which it is today. Located about 250 meters above sea level, Alanya Castle is a unique landmark. With views extending all the way to the Taurus Mountains, with beautiful views that are considered a rare decoration in Turkey. Having three parts of the castle, there is an inner, middle and outer parts of its construction. Alanya Kale – breathtaking in its beauty and heritage icon, is a symbol of this beautiful city.

Alanya Kale (Alanya Castle)

3) Harbor Walls

The walls, built in the 1200 by Keykubat, have a length of more than 6.5 km in length and are decorated with bright colored lights to give aesthetics to the size of the walls. As one of the main attractions of Alanya, the walls of the harbor offer a breathtaking view.

4) Fresco Fountain

Located on Atatürk Street, the Mural Alanya fountain offers breathtaking serenity and calm water of a waterfall, which is worth a visit and, perhaps, a picnic with friends and family. Made with local historical relics and ancient ruins, this site invites you to definitely visit when visiting Alanya.

5) Shipyard

After Aladdin Keykubat completed construction of his shipyard in the Black Sea, he began a new project of the shipyard in Alanya, next to the Red Tower, used to repair ships. Used until 1960, today it houses a museum showing the artifacts that were used throughout the repair of boats. These two shipyards nicknamed Keykubat “Sultan of the Two Seas”.

6) Warehouses

Antrepot also refers to a foreign word that is used to describe “warehouses” and is translated into Turkish from French. These warehouses, also built in the early 1200s, mark one of the main historical sites of Alanya and served as one of the main hidden places where the treasures of the sultans were kept.

7) The Armory

Topkhane (Armory), south of the shipyard, has windows, nicknamed the “devil’s hole.” The Armory, built mainly of brick and mortar, nineteen meters high, today is a landmark representing one of the most revered monuments of the history of Alanya.

8) Lighthouse

Originally built in 1883 by the architect Nevsehir, the lighthouse is one of the first monuments seen when entering the waters and port of Alanya. In 1911, the Turkish government gave the lighthouse its own flash of flowers, which is such a wonderful icon of Alanya and Calais. Built 132 years ago, the port beacon of Alanya is one of the most precious gems of Alanya and serves as a symbol of the icon representing the beauty that Alanya has to offer, its Kale and its water.

Alanya Caves

In Alanya, there are many places for adventure in the caves and on the mountain slopes, which you probably want to include in your vacation.

These activities include hiking trails, guided tours, canyon rafting, rocky pools, waterfalls and much more! Here are just some of the beautiful caves of Alanya that you don’t want to miss. Here you can see the historical places of Alanya.

Alanya Caves

1) Pirate Cave

With the cave roof extending for 80 meters, it is recommended to enter the cave only on a small raft. The Pirates Cave is a monumental and historic site for the Pirates of the late empire because of its notorious history, like the Caves, where the pirates will keep their catches and treasures for safe keeping. The route used to penetrate the cave during the late empire was destroyed over the past century, so there is very little left from the path to the cave. Since then, modern sidewalks and roads have been built for tourists.


2) Phosphoric cave

The phosphoric cave is located under the fortress of Alanya in Calais, where small carnal boats can enter during secret tides into secret hidden cobbled banks. Although this cave has narrow corridors, it is considered one of the largest caves in Alanya and got its name due to the beautiful blue color of the phosphorus stones, which are clearly visible at night. Glowing like a dark stone, these stones with phosphor offer magnificent views in the dark and are certainly one of the most important caves to visit during your stay in Alanya.


3) Cave of Love

Raised about three meters above sea level, it is impossible to get into it by boat, and you must climb on it so that you can see through its narrow corridors and natural stone walls. Possessing a unique feature, you can enter this cave from one side of the cliff and exit from the other side of the mountain, which makes it a strangely unique cave by its natural design.

4) Damlatas Cave

Located about three kilometers from the center of Alanya by the sea, Damlatas Cave was discovered in the late 1940s during the discovery of a local stone mine. The entrance offers a stone wall fifteen meters high with a shape throughout the cave, similar to an open cylinder. The meaning of Damlatash can be translated as “Falling Stone”, for which the cave is known and nicknamed “presence”. In the lower part of the cave there is a cleft, which creates the impression that it was caused by the falling of a stone from the ceiling of the cave. A unique natural feature of this cave is the level of humidity and temperature, which does not change regardless of the season. In winter, in summer, the temperature of the cave remains unchanged throughout the year, which makes it a natural miracle compared to other mountain slopes and cave landscapes in Turkey.

5) Kadini Cave

Located near Obakoy, a city located in the center of Alanya, the cave is known for its location of human skulls and burial places of human bodies, which are said to have been there since the time of the late empire pirates. In addition to a rather painful history and its reputation, the cave offers you a view of the natural stones and the size of phosphorus made from stalactites and stalagmites.

6) Dim Cave

It is located approximately eleven kilometers from the center of Alanya and is located at an amazing altitude of 200 meters above sea level, not far from Chebeli Reis, a famous mountain region not far from Alanya and not far from the Dim valley. It is said that this mountain is over a million years old. Old and second largest cave in Turkey. Open to all visitors and welcoming all tourists, Dim Cave is one of the most revered and famous places for adventure routes and experiences that you definitely need to experience. With a pond stretching for 400 meters near the cave entrance, the amazing beauty of its design with a panoramic view of the pond and mountain range offers a landscape unlike any other found in nature.

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