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Living in Alanya

When you think of living in Paradise, you may want to consider moving to Alanya, Turkey. On the Mediterranean coast on the Turkish Riviera is situated one of Turkey’s best known gems, called Alanya. Approximately 30 km east of Antalya City, Alanya is a Castle town enriched with landscape, heritage, culture, seaside and a coastline so beautiful only the eyes can see.

Located below Taurus Mountain, on the Mediterranean peninsula, Alanya has a natural strategic location with a history spanning as far behind as the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. With history including the Ptolemaic, Seleucid and Roman Empire, Alanya is enriched with a history that has built it into being the glorious place it is today. Alanya’s greatest history milestone was established with the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, under the rule of Aleddin Kaygubad. This sultanate established key landmarks in Alanya such as the Kizil Kule (the Red Tower), the Tersane (shipyard) and Kale (Alanya Castle).

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Living the Dream in Alanya

Alanya is considered to be a perfect holiday location with a beautiful coastline, beautiful sandy beaches, a gorgeous landscape, seaside mountain views, incomparable night life and tourist activities and more. There really is nothing in comparison to what Alanya has to offer. Many migrants from Europe and the Middle East are embracing a lifestyle in Paradise and enjoying all that Living the Dream in Alanya has to offer. With boutique stalls and shops all throughout the city town, tourists can enjoy antique souvenir shopping, narrow heritage alleyways and small cafes that have the best tea and classic lahmacun Turkey has to offer.

Restaurants and lookouts on the Kale (Castle) span one of the best views of the coastline you can see and with its panorama viewspan you’ll be able to see the beaches on both side of the castle including the vast mountain range of Taurus Mountain. The nightlife in Alanya is spectacular and offers a variety of locations, pubs, clubs and boutique cocktail bars. An ideal location for tourists who want to have a great time! Filled with colour, flairing lights and diversity, Alanya’s harbor and city town can be a place you’d never want to leave.

Come to Alanya, and Live the Dream…

With portrait artists, entertainers and a range of tourists from differerent countries, Alanya offers diversity of ethnicity so you will never feel estranged by its culture. With welcoming hospitality and a range of European and Middle Eastern culture, you’ll find Alanya to be your home away from home. If you want to experience beautiful riverside barbecue spots and picnic areas, Alanya offers you the Dimcayi riverside experience. You’ll see the beauty of a river spanning from the mountain with fresh ice cold waters and flourishing riverside greenery. Ideal for family gatherings and outings. If you are looking for the mountain cave experience, look no further than Damlatas Cave where you can see the natural evolving landscape of Taurus Mountain’s inner caves.


An astonishing and breathtaking rockpool filled with waterfalls, turquoise blue ponds and a café by the water with culture, flair and relaxation settings is the beautiful place called Demirtas Sapdere Canyon. Offering guided tours and walking trails you need to see to believe, The Demirtas Sapadere is a hidden Garden of Heaven that Alanya is revered for having. alanya is quickly developing into an organized, clean, well built and managed city with so much to offer for anyone wanting to live life to the fullest.


When you think of colours, boutique shops, cheap branded high quality clothing and narrow alleyways with antiques that’ll make your home glow, you think of Alanya City Bazaar. These markets offer a wide range of different items you can shop and rare quality gifts you wont find anywhere else in the world. These markets offer you the experience of both cheap affordable shopping and also the wonderous panaromic views of the city café lights and restaurant vibrancy you will only find in Alanya.

The Alanya City Bazaar offers clothing, food, sweets, gifts, jewelry, accessories., street food, modern technology accessories, eyewear, headwear, footwear and more! The Alanya Bazaar is full of creative antiques and aesthetically pleasing goods such as carved dried pumpkins or glass antique vases and lamps. You can go from buying high quality Louis Vitton hand bags at cheap prices to buying a Nargelah pipe and hand made Turkish delights only next door. These bazaars can be found just from the main street in Alanya main street Attaturk Cadessi. There are many access points. You can catch a Dulmus bus, autobus or taxi and they will all get you there! Its hard to miss!


A part of the experience at Alanya Bazaar and quite a fashionable necessity is the art of negotiating. When one prows through the alleyways and streets of Alanya Bazaar and finds something they like and want to buy, it is rather unordinary to accept the price first quited by any of the stall holders. Once they give you a price, its usually bargained down a further 20% before a price should usually be accepted. Its one of the elements cemented into the culture of Bazaar shopping in cities like Alanya and stall and shop owners have become quite ammune to the process. A sale or buy wouldn’t be so without first the negotiation ritual taking place. That too, is a fun part!

Whilst holiday and main street tourist bazaars serve as one of Alanya’s main attractions, the locals have quite a fascinating bazaar of their own. Usually hosted during weekdays, the food, fresh cultivations, produce and fruits and veg found at the weekly suburb bazaars can be quite an extraordinary experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on during your stay in Alanya. With the freshest produce, you can expect to see every fruit known to man, fresh lush tomatoes, greens, leafs and all the fruit you could imagine on a palette of a fruit platter. Pleasing to the eyes, walking through these bazaars is like walking through a rainbow filled market with the shades of every stall casting a shadow from the sunrays as you walk along the street bazaar pathways. It’s a wonderful sociable experience every visitor to Alanya should experience.

Suburb Bazaars can be found in Mahmutlar, Tosmur, Oba and the City. Its not difficult finding them and most markets are only a walk away from main Tourist hubs.

One other incentive to take into mind when considering going to a supermarket or a bazaar is the difference in cost. You can expect to save half of what you’d rather spend at a supermarket shopping for groceries not half as fresh as produce you’d find at the local bazaar. So take a trip, visit your local markets, please your eyes with colour, fresh produce and preserve your pocket throughout the experience.

The Beaches of Alanya

Alanya offers some of the world most beautiful turquoise beaches you can find anywhere in the world. Renowned for its blue coastal coloured waters, Alanya offers you breathtaking beach and seaside views you will keep in your memories forever.

  • Incekum Beach in Alanya

If you want fresh air, that cool fresh breeze from waves crashing on the seashore and the turquoise blurred blue colour of waves then come see Incekum Beach. Known for being a relaxtion hot spot, this beach is located in Avsallar, a very European based demographic town with migrants from Sweden, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Wales. The word ‘Incekum’ comes from the translation ‘fine sand’ giving its description. One of the definitive features of this beach is the mix of blue and green that gives Alanya its niche reputation for its beaches.

  • Damlatas Beach in Alanya

Located in the Saray District of Alanya, Damlatas beach is famous for its colours, locations and popularity amongst tourist that holiday here each year. Also popular for being a central hotel and motel location, Damlatas beach has been rated on of tourists’ favourites and offers activities such as parasailing and jetskiing available right at the water’s side for you to enjoy!

  • Cleopatra Beach in Alanya

Located West of the Castle, Cleopatra beach is considered one of the world’s most famous beaches. It is the first beach at Alanya’s entrance and offers a coastline view like no other. With clear light blue waters and sandy pearly shores, Cleopatra beach is a treasure for Alanya’s beauty. Offering crashing waves on the Kale hill, with snorkel and spearfishing spots loved by local fisherman, this beach is one of Turkey’s prized wonders. Given its name by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, Cleopatra beach was recollected as her private bathing spot and considered her own private beach retreat for many years.

  • Ulas Beach in Alanya

Located approximately six kilometers from Alanya centre, having its own small bay, Ulas beach is known for its calm and relaxing setting. A popular beachside picnic and barbecue spot, many families and retirees come to this beach for good family memories and relaxing outings on a warm summers sunset evening.

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