Turkey Bying Property Guide

living in turkey

living in Turkey

Living in Turkey is a pleasant experience and often something considered to be a blessing by many expats and people moving to the country from either Europe, Asia or other Middle Easterns countries. In fact, over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in Middle Eastern, European and Asian migrants that have taken it upon themselves to make the best decision, to move to Turkey for good. Turkey is an amazing place, and offers culture, tradition, wide variety of holiday activities and tourist activities that can be enjoyed not only by Tourists by also by the locals who enjoy the lifestyles that the wondrous and amazing country of Turkey has to offer.

Turkey’s lifestyle is preferred by many foreigners and considered a mixture of lifestyles by many, offering comfort, stability and enjoyment regardless of where you’re from or which country you used to live in. Considered to be multiculture and worldy accepting, Turkey is considered to be an international hub. Offering a western lifestyle, middle eastern lifestyle, and conservative with culture.

living in turkey
living in turkey

Benefits of Living in Turkey


Turkey’s weather is considered to be one of the most versatile countries in terms of climate, offering hot summers, cold winters, a mixture of snowy mountainous skiing locations or hot summer tanning beaches for holiday and tourists visiting from Europe. Whether it be sun, hot days, rain, wind or snow; you can expect any weather to experience in different regions in Turkey.


Whether you are from the Middle East, western countries, Europe or Asia, nothing is compared to the hospitality and quality of food offered in Turkey. Turkish Cuisine is considered to be one of the most authentic and most irrestible foods on the planet, offering fresh agricultural produce sweeter and better than any fruit or veg located anywhere else in the world and directly from farmers close to each main city. You can expect fresh food, fresh meats, and fresh produce whether you’re shopping from the local supermarket or local fruit and veg bazaar. Turkish food is fresh, healthy, wholesome and authentic with herbs and spices know only in Turkish Cuisine. Visit your local kebabci, and have a taste of the best doner kebab and barbecue grills.


With endless opportunities to enjoy the fresh air of natural landscapes, Turkey offers so many activities you wont find anywhere else in the world. With long coastal Aegean and Mediterranean beaches, you can expect sun, sand and sea all day long with marvelous sunsets. Every major city has a mixture of different activities you can enjoy during your holiday or stay in Turkey, and if you live in Turkey, you can expect fun and pleasure to be a very affordable experience and ritual in your lifestyle and daily activity agenda.



In comparison to the global real estate market, Turkey is considered to be one of the most competitive markets on the planet offering luxury real estate at a fraction of the cost for purchase than you’d find anywhere else in the world. Real Estate, in terms of value on investment, is considered to be one of the most affordable places on earth to purchase luxury and quality built property.

You can purchase a sea front apartment, with all local amenities and facilities in a five star luxury residence and complex at a fraction of the cost than what you’d pay for anywhere else in the world. Real Estate prices in Turkey are cheap and affordable and definitely worth your time and investment in comparison to anywhere else in the world.


Turkey is rich with history and heritage known by the world history books and seeing in heritage listed locations and buildings such as Aspendos in the Antalya Province and Sultan Ahmet in Istanbul. On the topic of Istanbul, if you want to see genuine artifacts and get a good idea of Turkey’s history than it would be worth your time to visit the Hagia Sofia or Blue Mosque in Lallelli Istanbul which is definitely worth your time.

Best Places to Live in Turkey

Whether its to live, enjoy a holiday or short visit, Turkey is the best place in the world to enjoy your life. With multi-culture, adventure and tradition, you can expect a wide variety of experiences in Turkey. With each city offering different qualities and experiences, Turkey is versatile depending on what you want. Different cities have different climates and so forth and offer different activities and experiences depending on your criteria.


Istanbul is considered to be the most versatile and cosmopolitan city in Turkey. Offering magnificent history and the amazing Marmaris Sea and Bosphorus, its perfect diversity, cultural and recreational facilities are catered to all tastes and needs for adventure, regardless of where you come from. Being highly populated, shops are always busy and places like Taksim and Mecideikoy can be an enjoyable and community friendly experience.



Antalya, most well known for its tourist destinations and activities, is considered to be an amazing place to live in. it resides between the amazing Mediterranean Sea and marvelous Taurus Mountains. With an abundance of natural beauties and many places to visit, Antalya offers good shopping, good activities and many things to do and see.



Alanya is a developed and not an overcrowded city with many natural places to visit and many adventure activities to participate in. With improved infrastructure and public transportation systems, many expats from Europe, Middle east and asia are migrating to Alanya to enjoy the lifestyle it has to offer.



Bodrum is considered one of those places to live if considering a high standard of living. A district with marinas, beautiful views and amazing natural landscapes with modern houses and luxury living. Bodrum is a class of its own. Bodrum is considered to be a white blue district with a clean, safe and friendly environment you and your family can enjoy either living in or holidaying in.


Side is considered to be a peaceful location with historical heritage listed buildings from the Anatolian empire era and also a wondrous place to spend for holiday relaxation and visiting.

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