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Alanya tourist guide

Alanya tourist guide

Alanya is about 120km away from Antalya and is the largest district of Antalya. This economic and population density is also far from Antalya because of the need to make the province of Alanya raises the issue.


  • Alanya Castle

The castle is in a very good condition since it has been well preserved and maintained on time. In many cities, the castle does not have such a large area. You should spend at least half a day to visit Alanya Castle. The fact that it protects its natural structure and historical texture will be the most important factor that connects you to this city. The castle has 6.5 km long city walls and 150 towers. It has a historical Suleymaniye Mosque and close to 400 cisterns.

  • Shipyard/Tersane in Alanya

Was built by Alaaddin Keykubat. It was used for the maintenance of the navy and for the construction of new ships. Later it was used Germans very much. We have prepared a program about what you can do and how to have fun during your average week holiday. I hope you will like it. If you go without seeing the places in this article, then you will be upset.

  • Red Tower/Kızılkule in Alanya

Today it is the symbol of Alanya. Meeting points and address descriptions are determined according to this tower. It takes name from the red stones and bricks used in its construction. It was built by 1.Alaaddin Keykubat. There are inscriptions and observation holes in the castle. This was the first contact with the enemy. You must see it.

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  • Syedra Ancient City in Alanya

It is about 5 km north of the 20th Km of the Alanya-Gazipasa highway. This ancient city is not illuminated like Alanya Castle. There is infrastructure and transportation problem. In fact, in a very important position and in good condition, although the presentation has been poorly renovated renovations. If you go to Alanya Museum, you will see that many artifacts extracted from this ancient city are exhibited here.

It is thought that it dates back to the 7th century BC. It is surrounded by walls. There are water cisterns from antiquity. The ancient city of Syedra boasts a very large area. You can walk here and feel the history. You can find 3 large water cisterns in this ancient city. You can find mosaic remains on the floor of the cave carved in stone and the remains of the old baths. In addition to these, you can also find temple, acropolis, theater, agora, necropolis and residences for life in Syedra Ancient City. it is a very nice place to go even if not known.

  • Alara Han in Alanya

Alara Han Perhaps the most beautiful place you can see in Alanya. Alara Han is located within the borders of Çakallar Village of Okurcular Beldesi in Alanya and has a strategic location next to Alara Stream. The central part of the Alara Han, which represents a concentric plan among the Anatolian Selçuks, was reserved for the guests who wanted to stay, and a separate place was considered for areas such as masjids and fountains. In addition, the accommodation of animals and people is designed to be separate from each other.

Alara Han covers an area of ​​2000 square meters and is 800 meters from Alara Castle. The building dates back to 1231. Alara Han side of the Alara river is next to the country restaurants. Here you can taste the flavors of Alanya cuisine or swim in the Alara Stream.

  • Museum of Alanya

The museum, which is very important in terms of history and exhibits the excavations in Alanya, where there are so many historical mysteries, is one of the places you should not return without visiting in Alanya. The museum contains many artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Republican time.

Natural Beauties of Alanya

  • Sapadere Canyon in Alanya

The canyon is 750 meters long and 450 meters high. The canyon was named by the village where its located. There are walking paths in the canyon so that visitors can easily walk and get to know the canyon better. There are various cafes and restaurants around the canyon which is 40 km away from Alanya. Sapadere Canyon is an ideal stop to get away from the heat and humidity of Alanya in summer.

Sapadere Canyon in Alanya
Sapadere Canyon in Alanya
  • Dim River in Alanya

Dim River, which is one of the coolest places you can find in the Mediterranean during the summer months, is still icy even at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. We recommend you to add this place to your list of places to visit Alanya, about 15 km from the center of Alanya where you can listen to yourself in nature and find peace in the coolness of the water.

There are various picnic areas, restaurants and even pensions on the sides of the stream.

  • Damlataş Cave in Alanya

During the construction of the harbor in 1948, a cave emerges after the site is used as a quarry and is exploded with dynamite. Due to the stalactites and stalagmites in it, this cave was named Damlatas Cave. The cave, which will be opened to tourism in a short time, is still preserved today and is the cornerstone of tourism. It receives hundreds of visitors every day.

The most important feature of the cave is that it is good for asthma. It is not a very big cave but it should be seen because it is very easy to reach and it is the occasion to start Alanya tourism.

  • Dim Cave in Alanya

400 meters long and 15 meters wide, this cave is another must-see. The stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave are like an architectural masterpiece. There is a small pond at the end of the cave. Must be seen. A beautiful city and nature views await you at the exit of the cave.

Beaches of Alanya

Here, I will briefly give information about the locations and features of the most beautiful beaches of Alanya.

  • Cleopatra Beach in Alanya

It is located to the west of Alanya Castle. Entrance is free. The most important feature of the beach Alanya Castle will remain on your left, only sand and blue color of the sea without stones. When the sunset is added to this unique atmosphere, Alanya will be your home.

  • Damlatas Beach in Alanya

The entrance to this beautiful blue flag beach along the Damlatas Cave in Saray Quarter is free of charge. You will have to pay an extra fee for umbrellas and sunbeds at this beach which has soft sands you can prefer for your holiday which will become more fun with discoveries. When you swim along the coast and travel towards the bottom of the peninsula, you can reach the Fosforlu Cave.

  • Incekum Beach in avsallar

1 kilometer-long İncekum Beach, which provides the opportunity to set up a camping tent, takes its name from the structure of its sand. The sea does not deepen immediately. Therefore, it becomes the choice of those who can not trust themselves in swimming.

It is possible to have a picnic and walk in the forested area close to this beautiful beach of Avsallar. You can stay with your family or friends in İncekum Forest Camp which includes electricity and water services.

  • Ulas Beach in Alanya

Ulas Beach, which lies on the side of the highway of Alanya, is a place where you can swim and have a picnic in the landscape. There is a stairway leading down to the beach in the bay which has the impression of an ancient one. You can join boat trips or use the Antalya-Alanya motorway to reach this preferred beach with its sandy sea and beach.

  • East Beach

Also known as Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat, who conquered Alanya, this beach is also called Begonvil Beach. East Beach, which is frequently preferred by those who want to have a holiday with their children, is known by this name since it is in the east of Alanya peninsula.

The beach has sandy rocks as well as sandy areas. A wonderful holiday awaits you with the beach umbrellas and sun loungers you can rent from the touristic facilities along the coast and the sports you will do in the deep blue sea.

  • Orange Beach in Alanya

Located right next to Keykubat, Portakal Beach offers paid and free beach areas. There is a distinctive atmosphere in this beach area, which is made special by the sandy beaches in its small bays and rocks. In this area where the service is kept wide, you can work out, go for a walk or relax in the parks.

Tosmur Beach, which is located between Oba and Dim streams of Portakal Beach, where you can find a bike ride, attracts great attention. You can find all the additional services at the beach in the Cumhuriyet Quarter.

Activities Waiting for You in Alanya

We share with you the other activities that you can do in Alanya.

  • enjoy the clean and clear blue sea.
  • taste the local dishes of the Mediterranean.
  • Tent camps in camp areas; experience unforgettable moments.
  • Take the famous Alanya cable car and watch the city from above. .
  • You can participate in tours
  • You can do water sports.
  • You can walk or cycle along the beach.
  • You can buy a house in Alanya with sea view
  • You can visit Alanyum shopping center.
  • You can enjoy the night life.
  • I’m gonna give you some thio for that. In summer, due to the intensive tourist population, we can say that the real life starts at night. Especially announce its reputation all around Turkey Pier Street entertainment venues. Summer Garden, Havana Club, Las Vegas Bar, Palm Beach Club are some of the city’s most popular attractions. In addition, many famous artists and DJs take the stage in Alanya during the summer months.

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