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About the Real Estate Market in Istinye Istanbul

If you are planning to buy property in Istanbul  this article will certainly be useful and interesting for you! The real estate market in Istanbul is one of the most prestigious when the buyer explores various areas of Istanbul. The combination of wise real estate investments and an exclusive lifestyle choice is a bait for both Turkish and foreign buyers.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere of Istinje is unique and, instead of being associated with money, it symbolizes an alternative way of life in the largest city in Turkey. His aspirations and future plans also mean that he will never become the high center of a skyscraper and will not disrupt the everyday urban landscapes created by other areas.

Despite the fact that Istinye is located next to the noisy and loud Maslak district, he has a more selective reputation. Many homebuyers who work and live in central areas also choose this area and go to work simply because it offers an alternative to typical urban life.

On weekends, a large number of people flock to the area, especially when local residents of Istanbul visit its famous fish restaurants and are located in a small bay with beautiful landscape views that can be seen and impressed for a lifetime, even compared to places such as the busy avenue Taksim or Istiklal.

İstinye İstanbul

Real Estate Market in Istnbul

Truth belongs to Sariyer district, one of the 39 official districts of Istanbul. Sariyer itself is home to other prestigious areas such as Tarabya, which is also located at the upper end of the market and has the pleasure of being the point for Turkey’s most expensive homes, called Yali mansions.

Thus, anyone who wants to buy property here has a unique opportunity to join the area in which there are already outstanding property owners, as well as the opportunity for a well-paid job. However, what stands out in the area? Well, some houses have stunning views of the Bosphorus, which is considered a plus in Istanbul, but two driving factors are the restriction on the height of the buildings and the strict criteria for issuing permits so that any new buildings continue the general view of the city.

Often found with neighboring Yenikoya, another area whose reputation is more restrained, but nevertheless constantly referred to as a synonym for luxury, Istinye has two famous sights. The headquarters of the Istanbul Stock Exchange and Istinje Park, one of the best shopping centers in Istanbul, a shopping center, food court and entertainment center are under one roof. If you are looking for designer boutiques, international and Turkish brands, you will find all this among more than 300 options to choose from.

Belgrade Forest, the greenest district of Istanbul, is located next to the Bosphorus, which justly explains why the air quality in this area is better. Occupying more than 5,300 acres, residents of nearby areas enjoy outdoor life in a large metropolis.

This is the place where families enjoy picnic areas or go to cafes on site, while runners and pedestrians choose the 6-km trail that leads around the lake, and nature lovers feel at home with a wide variety of flora and fauna. All this creates a sharp contrast with other built-up areas located just a few minutes away, but this is the beauty of the Belgrade forest, in the summer it attracts hundreds of visitors every year when they look for a shadow under a forest cover.

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