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Two words can sum up everything about Bahcesehir, and that is green living. Some people might be surprised to read this considering it belongs to Istanbul, the most significant urban landscape in Turkey. But indeed, Bahcesehir, one of 11 official neighbourhoods sitting in the Basaksehir district, receives much interest from house buyers in Istanbul because of its green commitment.

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Buying Property in Istanbul Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir, one of Istanbul’s areas undergoing development, is taking centre stage on the real estate market because of stylish off-plan constructions of which some offer three year interest-free payment plans, making them ideal for investors looking for off-plan prices.

A typical theme running throughout its portfolio is lifestyle residences, and this fits in with its reputation as a family-friendly destination. The homes include 1 to 5-bedroom apartments but the focal point is communal facilities like swimming pools, gyms, saunas, landscaped gardens, kids’ clubs and much more. Ranging from budget to luxury buyers, they are proving to be popular with Turks and foreigners alike.

See a selection of apartments and villas for sale in istanbul Bahcesehir here. Each listing contains photos, floor-plans where applicable, location information and property details. If any home captures your interest, call, or fill in the enquiry form to find out more. Also if you are in Istanbul, and would like to visit the district and homes for sale, call us to arrange a time and date for viewing.

Basaksehir Area Guide: When learning about Bahcesehir, it pays to remember it belongs to the sizeable Basaksehir district, which is also transforming itself through social facilities and upgraded infrastructure. Along with neighbouring communities, the transformation is bringing in global real estate investors.

Buying Real Estate in Istanbul As Turkey’s most significant and prominent city, Istanbul is also the top spot for house sales, both to Turks and foreigners. Find out the most popular districts, how the market is performing overall and reasons its housing market is worth looking at.

Over a decade, Turkey embarked on redesigning their real estate market, but some areas received criticism that parks, trees, and green space were disappearing. Bahcesehir stands out by preserving the natural flora and adding more wherever possible.

Sitting on the European side, it has another feather in its cap because Basaksehir, also sits on 6 kilometres of the planned canal route and when complete, it will only be ten minutes’ drive away. Additionally, Istanbul new airport, another mega project of Turkey is a 40-minute drive away, and when complete in 2023, will be the world’s biggest air travel hub ensuring residents have year-round access to more than 350 global destinations.


About Bahcesehir in Istanbul

Getting there from other countries is easy, thanks to the ultramodern new airport that has captured the attention of aviation experts everywhere. However, the growing population also prompted the local council to invest millions in improving road access and traffic. The new 3-kilometre Sahintepe road aims to cut down travelling times to other areas and connect both sides of the district. Bahcesehir is also close to the TEM highway, making it easy to get to other areas in a short time.

For those arriving by sea, Istanbul West Marina, an official entry port in neighbouring Avcilar district is just 30 minutes’ drive away. Aside from that, a new 16-kilometre metro line running from Mahmutbey to Esenyurt will start in 2020. Stopping at Bahcesehir, it will connect residents with 11 other districts including Tahtakale, Ispartukale, Esenkent, Mecideiakoy, and Ardicli.

Bahcesehir University

The slogan “At the heart of Istanbul” is suitable for a university like Bahcesehir University (BAU). With its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

The first thing that will strike your eye when you enter our university will be a large number of foreign students. From the United States to China, from France to South Korea from a wide geographical area extending over a thousand foreign students are studying at BAU. When asked why they prefer BAU we always receive the same answer: “The central location and international power.” BAU’s location is apparent. In order to understand the international collaborations of our university, a short tour of our campus or website would be sufficient.

“BAU GLOBAL” provides BAU students with a chance to receive education from very different points. BAU Global is able to achieve this through Berlin, Toronto Incubation Center, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Rome, Silicon Valley and Boston. “BAU Global” allows students to continue their education in all BAU Global Centers overseas and provides all support related to the programs.


You have the opportunity to take a course in your department in Istanbul, Berlin, Rome or Washington DC. Also towards the end of each academic year, you have the chance to apply for BAU’s summer abroad programs. For example, in New York you can study the field of media and communications, in Washington DC you can study political communication, technology is at the heart of digital media and marketing in Silicon Valley and we are opening a training program in Hong Kong focusing on business and innovation. Moreover, BAU’s summer abroad program is not only for our own students, but is open to students from all over the world!

Transportation to BAU is quite easy. We provide free shuttle service to our students and scholars without our own boats between our two campuses located in the heart of Istanbul, Besiktas North, Beşiktaş South, Göztepe and Galata. Our boats depart from an area that we give the name BAUPORT. It is an area that is fully allocated for use by our students with greenery and an exquisite view of the Bosporus. Our boats depart at certain times of the day from our own pier and this allows for a pleasant journey between our campuses in Besiktas and Galata. Thus, students stay away from the busy Istanbul traffic and enjoy the ocean and its fresh air while transitioning from campus to campus. Our campus in Galata specializes in the Communication faculty’s work in new media. Tablet publishing in digital media, digital game-based learning of the news from the studio to the desk and many other workshops are available in Galata.

The Luring Beauty of Bahcesehir Lake

An extensive artificial lake covering 300,000 square meters is Bahcesehir’s darling. During summer and at weekends, residents flock to enjoy being at one with nature and the great outdoors. Facilities for them include picnic areas, playgrounds, cafes, tea gardens, restaurants, designated walking paths, and a concert arena. The lake fits in with the surrounding landscape and lures in house buyers looking for the ideal neighbourhood to settle in.

Designed as a state-of-the-art building, the Bahcesehir Culture and Art centre includes a 40 square meter orchestra pit, indoor and outdoor parking, and 1200 seat amphitheatre. The theme continues into Muhsin Ertugral theatre, which although on a smaller scale, still hosts art and music events for residents.

Covering 10,000 square meters, including indoor and outdoor areas, the Health and Sports Centre helps residents stay fit and healthy through a range of services including gymnastics, aerobics, basketball, swimming, and equipped gyms. To gauge its size, the basketball court holds a spectator audience of 1000 people.


Shopping, Dining and Entertainment in Bahcesehir

Residents enjoy a wide range of doorsteps shops and let us not forget the weekly markets, a tradition happening all over Turkey. However, a bonus is the Mall of Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest and best shopping mall sitting just 20 minutes’ drive in Ziya Gokalp Mahallesi.

Think of it as more of a shopping, dining, cinema, theme park and entertainment centre all under one roof. The food court alone offers 50 different dining choices, while hundreds of international and Turkish brand names are the perfect way to empty your bank account.

Samlar Tabiat Park: Just a short drive through Kaybasi, is the Samlar forest area covering 50,000 acres, and continuing the great outdoors theme. Although loved by residents from many European districts, it is also home to much flora and fauna, ensuring its preservation status. Spend a day enjoying its scenic landscapes and facilities like picnic areas, zip lining and other activities.

Kucukcekmece Lake: Bahcesehir sits north from Kucukcekmece lake, a significant landmark thrust into the limelight when the Turkish government announced the route for the new Istanbul canal. Covering 16 square kilometres, it is really scenic at the golden hour. Receiving past criticism for pollution, the local council has massively cleaned it up, making it the perfect family day out.

Yarimburgaz Caves: Sitting a short distance from Kucukcekmece lake, the caves receive mass interest from Turkish and international archaeologists by being one of Turkey’s oldest settlement areas.

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