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How To Get Turkish citizenship by investment

How To Get Turkish citizenship by investment ?

in very short answer Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship (passport) by buying real estate more than 250,000 USD or equivalent.

Since 18 September 2018, Law No 5901 disposes that

foreign citizens investing in Turkey will be granted the right

to apply for Turkish citizenship

Sure There are more alternative to get citizenship in Turkey. but The most popular option is by investment.

its easy and quicker compared to other .

Turkey allows dual and multiple citizenships, So, it’s a big benefit for you if you like to stay in your native country while investing in Turkey and have your Turkish passport also.

How long does it take to get Turkish passport by investment ?

Turkish passport is issued within three to six months.

In order to become a Turkish citizen, you can buy various types of houses or shops.

in the past 2 years, over 35/000 people have received Turkish passports in this way.

How Rank is a Turkish passport?

Owner of the Turkish passport can travel to 72 countries without a visa.

Turkish passport is ranked as 38th in the world and 18th in Europe

holders can also travel to 46 countries that allow them to get a visa.

Which countries can I visit with Turkish passport?

72 countries that allow Turkish citizens to enter without getting a visa in advance, such as: Qatar, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Jordan, Iraq, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Paraguay, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia …

Can you buy Turkish citizenship by investment

Yes, according to the immigration programme of Turkey, you can buy property starting at $250,000 and get your ownd passport . in first three years, you’ll not be able to sell the property .

The Spouse and children who are less than 18 years old will also be granted Turkish Citizenship


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Tips to Get Turkish Passport by real estate investment

 An individual has to invest $250,000 in real estate in Turkey in whichever type of property you want to purchase.

You can buy a villa, apartment, shop or land. 

You can also buy multiple properties whose total amounts to the minimum $250,000 figure.

6 steps for Turkish citizenship by inveting in property

  1. Getting a tax number
  2. opening a Turkish bank account
  3. Finding the property
  4. Buying the property
  5. Application for Turkish residency
  6. Application for Turkish Passport

5 way To Get Turkish citizenship by investment

  1. invest in Real estate market at least USD 250,000
  2. Create jobs for at least 50 people
  3. Deposit USD 500,000 in a Turkish bank
  4. Contribute USD 500,000 to government bonds
  5. Invest USD 500,000 in fund shares.

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